KMMK Solutions, established in 2013 is a company specializing in systems integration as well as in designing and manufacturing audio-related equipment. Headquartered in Paris, KMMK Solutions provides end-to-end solutions to many segments of the pro-audio industry with the main focus on guitar & bass rig building and integration.
Constantly striving to improve upon existing concepts, KMMK Solutions has developed a set of unique and innovative products, such as StompShield and SquarePlug and continues to do so by spending more than 20% of its resources working on new ideas and concepts.
KMMK Solutions is driven by one goal: provide the best possible engineered solutions and services to its clients.




StompShield™ is a patented solution released in 2015 that solves the rather common problem of how to keep knob settings on electronic devices, such as effect pedals, amplifiers and alike, from getting changed accidentally without interfering with the normal operation of said devices.

SquarePlug™ SP400/500 series

SquarePlug™ SP400/500 is a modern version of the classic Switchcraft 228 connector (introduced some 50 years ago), with notable improvements that make it a better fit for today’s cabling applications. Released in 2017, SP400/500 is currently the world’s smallest soldered 1/4’’ right angle connector.

SquarePlug™ SPS4/5 series

SquarePlug™ SPS4/5 is the world’s smallest soldered 1/4’’ straight connector with strain relief and color coding system that allows to effortlessly trace/ID cables in the most complex cable routing situations.


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