13 November 2017


We’ve been working on this project for the best part of 2018 and 2019. We’ve tried to address some important points that, we believe, have not been addressed yet in the pedalboard industry. Faithfull to our ‘space-saving’ philosophy [like with our super low profile SquarePlug line of connectors], we wanted to bring pedalboards that offer maximum functionality in a minimum footprint [hence the name ‘PedalboardPlus’].

We’re hoping to get the first boards out by 11/2019. We’re just in the process of sorting out what bag manufacturer would be the best match for us. PedalboardPlus will be manufactured and assembled in France.

Since we keep having a lot of requests regarding what these PedalboardPLus boards look like, we’ve decided to post a couple of pics of one of our FLY-OUT-3D board series. This is our most advanced board and it is, to our knowledge, the only example of a 3-level board design that can accommodate up to 8 mid-to-large-sized, a switching unit, and an isolated power supply and that can be secured in a Pelican 1510 Carry-On Protector Case! This is the perfect solution for those who want to keep their valuable rigs/pedals with them at all times. Although the hinged concept is not something new, we did design this model so the whole surface area under the hinged top can be a 100% dedicated to integrating effects pedals, and not just used to ‘hide’ cables and power supplies. All the audio and power cable management, as well as the ancillary components, are secured underneath the board.

Our FLY-OUT-3D* boards are a cross-over between hinged and slanted board designs. They offer a maximum integration volume in an absolute minimum footprint! [*3D stands for 3 dimensional]

Size of the actual board with pedals: 470*275*150mm / 18.5*10.9*5.9in

Signal chain: TWA Little Dipper 2 – RJM PBC6X [Kingsley Page – Kingsley Harlot – Klon Centaur – Empress Nebulus – Diamond MLJR – Diamond TR1 – Toneczar Echoczar]. The system is powered by a single Cioks DC7, and wired with SquarePlugs SP400BK + SPS4BK and Mogami 2314 cable | Case: Pelican 1510 Protector Carry-On Case